Moved to MacHighway

Submitted by Brad Tombaugh on 9 February 2016 - 8:33am

As I noted in December, my former web hosting service, GoDaddy, announced in December that they were going to revoke access to us the Mailman mailing list manager that is included by default in their Linux cPanel hosting accounts. I use Mailman for my personal use, as well as to manage several discussion lists for the MacinTech Macintosh Users' Group. GoDaddy claimed that it was due to spammers misusing the service, but I don't really believe that for a second... First, I've gotten more spam while being hosting by GoDaddy than any other service that I have ever used, so I have a hard time believing that they take any actions to prevent spam! They also began advertising their own bulk email service just days after the announcement that they were turning off Mailman, which I can't believe is a coincidence. I had moved my web sites to GoDaddy out of convenience when I was no longer able to host them myself after CenturyLink botched a DSL upgrade, leaving me offline for several weeks.

In any event, in early January, I signed up with local Denver-based web hosting service MacHighway. There package is actually less expensive than GoDaddy. It's also a bonus that they cater specifically to Macintosh users, so their instructions don't reference Windows for everything, although they seem fairly platform-nuetral overall.

So far, I am very pleased with MacHighway. The setup was easy. I have had to put in a couple of support tickets for things like requesting shell access, which is probably not typically used by their average customer. Initially, I had some issues with lots of my Mailman email traffic being discarded due to other sites deferring delivery using greylisting, but MacHighway was able to make adjustments to their Exim mailer settings to accommodate. They have been very responsive to the tickets that I've submitted, kept them open until resolved, and communicated frequently.