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This website is an avenue to help stay in touch with family and friends, and share information with other people with similar interests.

This site is owned and authored by Brad Tombaugh. Contact Brad using the contact form on this site.

7 September 2021

I have revamped the site from using one of the default WordPress themes to the Astra Pro theme, and have chosen the LatinoType Rebrand font from Linotype. I like the flexibility offered by the Astra theme, and was drawn to the subtle character of the Rebrand font.

16 February 2020

I’ve decided to migrate from Drupal to WordPress. I was able to migrate the previous site content, but bear with me as I get everything adjusted.

28 February 2013
After a long hiatus due to a tragic comedy of errors, causing the site to be offline for quite a while, I have everything back up and running, and am doing some updates to keep things current.

1 January 2011
Updated the copyright dates. Added a page on Android, and favorite Comics. Updated Movies and TV Shows pages. Many other misc. updates.

3 January 2010
Updated the site to use Drupal, importing previous content.

Various periodic content updates.

28 December 2008
Updated copyright dates for 2009. I’ve stopped tracking individual updates, since I’ve done numerous minor updates through out 2008…

21 January 2008
Updated copyright dates for 2008. Apparently, somewhere along the way I’ve forgotten to update entries in this page, as I’ve done numerous updates through out 2007…

1 January 2007
Updated copyright dates for 2007.

9 November 2006
Updated with news of Madisen Beaty’s movie role!

18 September 2006
I’ve concluded that spammers have crawled through my website to harvest email addresses, so I’m removing ALL email addresses for now…

5 August 2006
Some content updates, including adding two sets of pictures from Melissa’s dance productions.

21-25 May 2006
Some content updates, including the Rustic Wildfire, and updates to the kid’s pages at the end of the school year. Also changed the “Beagles” page to “Dogs” with the addition of our Dachshund, Nestle.

18 March 2006, 30 March 2006
More content updates…

3 March 2006
Change back to family photo instead of Christmas lights, and miscellaneous updates to content…

15 December 2005
Miscellaneous updates to content…

3 October 2005
I have done several minor updates periodically since July that I haven’t included here. This is the first update I’ve done since switching to oXygen XML Editor. In addition to some minor content updates, I’ve made sure that all of the DocBook XML source files are valid and well-formed, and fixed quite a few spelling errors/typo’s!

27 July 2005
Updating the layout of the site using the new logo, and various minor updates. Reading through the Tombaugh History while working on my genealogy projects, it says that the name Tombaugh is derived from the original German name Tannbach, which is roughly translated into the “Brook of the Fir Forest.” Using this concept, my son, Eric, helped me create our new logo.

17 May 2005
Updating the content to keep it current…

6 Jan 2005
Updating the copyright dates in the footers…

4 Dec 2004
I’m updating various items, and adding some more pictures… I’ve also moved this change log from the main page to the about page…

27 Aug 2004
Well, I’m not exactly keeping up with quarterly updates, but here’s the updates for third quarter 2004…

15 Apr 2004
Revised a number of the pages to include more substantive details… I’m going to try to update at least quarterly, perhaps more often. I still have some more changes in progress, but I thought that I’d post what I’d completed so far…

4 Jan 2004
Reworked using the Website XML DTD/Schema.

After almost a year and a half, I’m finally making time to update the site! A lot has happened since the last time I made any updates… I’ve changed jobs, we’ve moved, the kids have changed schools… Hopefully over the next few weeks, I’ll update and expand more of the pages. For now, I’m changing the DocBook SGML pages I’ve made before to XML, using the Website style sheets.

I’m still figuring out how to work with the Website style sheets, so please consider the site to beunder construction for the time being…

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