New Trailer

We have still had our 27″ Gulfstream fifth-wheel up in Buena Vista, CO, at the Snowy Peaks RV park, which has its own storage lot. Since I don’t have a pickup truck to move the fifth-wheel, the RV park moves the trailer for us when we go up for the weekend. It’s been very convenient, and less expensive than paying higher storage rates in Denver, and burning up the fuel to haul it up into the mountains.

We discovered an unintended consequence of replacing the Jetta with the Touareg is that it has a 7,000lb. towing capacity! I had not imagined that an SUV that size would be able to tow that much. This got us thinking that if we replaced the fifth-wheel with a conventional travel trailer that we could tow with the Touareg we could travel and camp again.

After exploring some options online, we started checking out some options at local dealers. We wanted to go to Camping World in Fountain, and stopped at a few places in Colorado Springs as well. One of the first places that we stopped was Pikes Peak Travelland, where we saw the 2016 Highland Ridge UT2710RL Ultra Lite. Surprisingly, despite being 27′ was only about 5,500lb. empty weight, well within the towing capacity of the Touareg even when loaded. This seemed to suit our needs, was well laid out, and nicely finished. I especially liked the recliners at the back of the trailer, which are incredibly comfortable.

We looked at a few other trailers at other places, but we kept comparing them to the Highland Ridge, and ultimately that is what we decided on. Pikes Peak was able to work out an acceptable trade in deal on our Gulfstream, including picking it up from Buena Vista.

Rustic Wildfire

This weekend while camping in the Poudre Canyon, near Rustic, Colorado, we were able to witness a wildfire from start to finish! A lightning strike started a wildfire just across the Poudre River from our campsite on Saturday morning, 20 May 2006. We confirmed that the fire had already been called in to officials. Throughout the day, we were able to see the fire spread, and saw several “slurry drops” from a small plane. The local volunteer fire department and the Forest Service moved in several crews, and had a “line” below the fire before nightfall. While we were able to see the glow of the fire during the night, the firefighters must have been hard at work, because by daybreak on Sunday there was very little sign of smoke or fire. Click here for more pictures…