Interesting People

Here are some links to web sites of people that I find interesting, although I don’t know any of them personally…

  • Tim Bray is one of the inventors of XML.
  • James Clark is the author of JADE and numerous DSSSL and XML utilities.
  • Donald Knuth is a Professor Emeritus of at Stanford University, the father of TeX, and the author of The Art of Computer Programming.
  • Bruce Eckel is the author of Thinking in Java, the Hands-On Java Seminar CD ROM, Thinking in C++, C++ Inside & Out, among others. He’s given hundreds of presentations throughout the world, published over 150 articles in numerous magazines, was a founding member of the ANSI/ISO C++ committee and speaks regularly at conferences. He provides public and private seminars & design consulting in C++ and Java.
  • Markus Hoenicka has written up a fabulous tutorial on installing all of the SGML/XML tools that you need to process DocBook on Windows, standalone or with the Cygwin tools.
  • Greg Lehey, author of The Complete FreeBSD, is a well-known open-source advocate.
  • Eric S. Raymond is an outspoken open source advocate, developer, and author.
  • Amit Singh works at the IBM Almaden Research Center as a Linux researcher. Before moving to the Bay Area, he was a Member of Technical Staff in the Information Sciences Research Center at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey, where he worked on Operating Systems and Networking. His personal website, KernelThread, has lots of interesting tidbits on computer science, computers, and Macintoshes. For fun, he’s done over a 100 implementations of The Towers of Hanoi! He has also written A History of Apple’s Operating Systems.
  • Leon Towns-von Stauber has an interesting site with lots of Macintosh security information.
  • Bruce “Tog” Tognazzini is a principal with the Nielsen Norman Group, the “dream team” firm specializing in human-computer interaction. Tog was lead designer at WebMD, the super-vertical start-up founded in February, 1996 by Jim Clark, founder of Silicon Graphics and Netscape. Before that, Tog was Distinguished Engineer for Strategic Technology at Sun Microsystems. During his 14 years at Apple Computer, he founded the Apple Human Interface Group and acted as Apple’s Human Interface Evangelist. Tog has published two books, Tog on Interface and Tog on Software Design, both from Addison Wesley, and is currently publishing the free webzine, AskTog.
  • John Walker, was founder of Autodesk, Inc. and co-author of AutoCAD. He hosts a variety of documents, images, software for various machines, and interactive Web resources.
  • Norm Walsh is a Staff Engineer in the XML Technology Center at Sun Microsystems, Inc. Norm is an active participant in a number of standards efforts, including the XML Schema and XSL Working Groups of the W3C, and the OASIS DocBook Technical Committee, which he chairs.He is also the principal author of DocBook: The Definitive Guide, published by O’Reilly & Associates.
  • John Gruber writes the blog Daring Fireball, which often has interesting insights and commentary on various Macintosh nerdery.
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