Thank you, WayBack Machine!

Tonight, as I was updating some of the content on my website, I discovered that I had a link to a page that didn’t exist, and realized that I was missing a number of posts. Rather than trying to dig through the database backups, I went to the Internet Archive “Wayback Machine” at Archive.org for my site, and was able to find a copy of my website from 2018, when it was still running Drupal, before I migrated to WordPress. It had the missing posts, which I was able to copy and paste. I need to go back and add categories and tags, and fix some links and put images back in, but at least I was able to recover all of the text!

Moved to WordPress!

After using Drupal for many years, I’ve decided to switch to WordPress as my Content Management System. My hosting company, MacHighway, uses cPanel to manage user sites, and it provides a default version of PHP and its associated modules, which I don’t have access to change. It seems that recently, Drupal has changed their system requirements to require additional PHP modules, which are not installed, so I have not been able to upgrade to the most recent releases. I found the FG Drupal to WordPress plug-in, which can migrate the content from Drupal sites which work quite well, so I’ve migrated this site to WordPress. I’ve done a few updates already, but I’ll try to review each of the pages to make sure that the graphics are there, etc.

About This Site

This website is an avenue to help stay in touch with family and friends, and share information with other people with similar interests. This site is owned and authored by Brad Tombaugh. Contact Brad using the contact form on this site. 7 September 2021 I have revamped the site from using one of the default WordPress themes to the Astra Pro theme, and have chosen the LatinoType Rebrand font from Linotype. I like the flexibility offered by the Astra theme, and was drawn to the subtle character of the Rebrand font. 16 February 2020 I’ve decided to migrate from Drupal to WordPress. I was able to migrate the previous site content, but bear with me as I get everything adjusted. 28 February 2013After a long hiatus due to a tragic comedy of errors, causing the site to be offline for quite a while, I have everything back up and running, and am doing some updates to keep things current. 1 January 2011Updated the copyright dates. Added a page on Android, and favorite Comics. Updated Movies and TV Shows pages. Many other misc. updates. 3 January 2010Updated the site to use Drupal, importing previous content. 2009Various periodic content updates. 28 December 2008Updated copyright dates for 2009. I’ve stopped tracking individual updates, since I’ve done numerous minor updates through out 2008… 21 January 2008Updated copyright dates for 2008. Apparently, somewhere along the way I’ve forgotten to update entries in this page, as I’ve done numerous updates through out 2007… 1 January 2007Updated …

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Upgrade didn’t go so well…

So, last week I decided that it was time to upgrade from Drupal 6, since it was past it’s end of life for support. I had dabbled with Drupal 7 a bit on my laptop, and had read through a couple of Drupal 7 books over the past year or so… The CPanel script installer kept nagging me that there was an upgrade to perform, and it appeared to have a script to go from 6 to 7… I took backups of all of the MySQL databases, put both of my sites into “Maintenance Mode” and disabled all of the non-core scripts, then let CPanel run the upgrade… Boom! It didn’t get through the update script without errors, and I decided to try the update.php script, and that threw errors as well.. I poked at for a couple of hours, trying to work through the issues. The first problem is that Drupal 6 kept a list of blocked IPs in a table, which Drupal 7 doesn’t have, at least not when it tries running the update. I was able to find a tip with a script to create the missing table, which got me a bit further, but it continued to have issues. I finally decided to try jumping up to Drupal 8, which has an updated “Migrate and Upgrade” module which supports both version 6 and 7. I restored the database back to their original condition, then created two fresh installs of Drupal 8 in separate directories. I enabled …

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Welcome Back!

After many months in the dark, I have recovered the last of the pieces from my old Mac Mini G4, so that all of my services — DNS, Open Directory, Email (Postfix, Cyrus, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, MailMan), MySQL, and Drupal with updated PHP, since Apple’s default PHP install doesn’t include any of the necessary modules. First my external drive for TimeMachine backups died… I replaced it with a new drive, but it had to complete a new, full backup. During the full backup, the external drive that the server was running from died from old age… After several partially successful attempts to recover the data using DiskWarrior, I tried to reconstruct the old Mini, but wasn’t able to get it to boot up… I thought that I had recovered enough of the data that I could use it to migrate to the new server, but the server migration wizard would die partway through. After manually rebuilding Mail under 10.7 with Server 1.0, I found that when I updated to 10.8 and Server 2.0 that the migration wizard couldn’t even move my data and configuration from 10.7… So I had to manually rebuild DNS and Mail once again… I have since migrated from an old 32-bit G4 Mini, to a newer 64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo, with 8Gb of RAM. I’ve gone from OS X Server 10.5.8 to 10.7 and on to 10.8.2 Mountain Lion, with Server 2.2.1. I’ve had to manually install MailMan, since that is no longer included with Server. …

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